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Model A Ford Ignition Diagnostic’s

MODEL A FORD IGNITION DIAGNOSTIC’S This came from a collection of articles written by Tom Endy AMMETER “JIGGLE”: Once upon a time I was rolling down the road in Miss Vic, my Model A Ford Victoria A-190, when out of the blue the engine quit. As I coasted to the side of the road I tried to contemplate what had gone wrong. The car is well maintained and therefore there was no reason for this outrage. The problem had to be a lack of spark or a lack of fuel. Nine times out of ten it’s usu­ally a lack of spark. Before I climbed out from behind the wheel, I decided to perform a diag­nostic test. With the ignition still switched on, I cranked the engine over a few times, not ex­pecting it to start, but intently watching the ammeter. The ammeter needle did a small rain dance; that is,
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