Stanley Braden My Model A Ford Story

My Model A Ford Story


Stanley Braden

My grandfather had a 1929 roadster pickup that he let me drive in his pasture when I was about ten years old. He wired wooden blocks on the brake and clutch pedals so I could reach them. I have been hooked on Model A’s since then. When I was 12 years old, I sold my horse that I had owned since I was eight years old and bought my first Model A, a 1929 Model A Coupe. I built my speedster that I have now with the undercarriage from that coupe. When I was 14 years old, I was able to buy my grandfather’s roadster pickup and at 15 ½ years old I bought a 1928 Tudor sedan which I drove to high school and Modesto Junior College. My daughter Kelley has the tudor now.

Stanley Braden Model A Ford

Stanley Braden - My Model A Ford Story

Left to right: Dave, Hope, Max and Kelley Stein

I am a charter member (59 years) of Modesto Area A’s. When the club started up, I was about 16 years old. My mother saw an article in the paper about a group of people that wanted to start a Model A Ford Club. My dad and I showed up and I have been a member since then. My wife, Carol, joined in 1975 and we have enjoyed the club together. I have been president of Modesto Area A’s twice. I have belonged to MAFCA since 1961. Also, I am a MARC member since 1994 and a FAST club member. I am a lifetime member and was three years on the board of MAFFI. Currently, I am a Master Judge As you can see, Model A’s have been a big part of my life for a long time. I do my own engine work with original KRW tools and pour the babbitt and machine my own bearings.

I am a retired Tool and Die Maker. I have an AA degree in Industrial Arts and a certificate for a 6-year apprenticeship in Tool and Die making.

Carol and I have restored three Model A’s from the ground up and received a best of show with our 1930 Deluxe Delivery and our 1929 Roadster Pickup. Carol and I have three Model A’s at this time a 1931 Fordor, a 1928 Sports Coupe, and a 1929 speedster.

Our most memorable Model A trips– MAFCA meet in Texas with our speedster and driving on the Texas speedway. Speedster meet in Utah–drove Speedster to top of mountain in Great Basin National Park on the way. Canyon Lands Tour in 2019 to Brice, Zion, and the North Rim of Grand Canyon. We put over 600 miles on our sports coupe on that trip. We have been on many tours in our Model A’s well over 100,000 miles since 1961. We are looking forward to many more years of enjoying the Model A hobby.


Stanley Braden Model A Ford Story

Hope and Max Stein


Stanley Braden Model A Ford