The Perfect Hat

Happy Valentine’s Day! I can’t tell you how often I hear, “I don’t look good in hats”. I think everyone looks great in an Era hat. You just haven’t found the right one. It’s like one size fits All? Sure?? I thought this would give you better guide lines as to what to look for when shopping. Not sure what your face shape is or you cant tell? Ask for help! Then try on a variety of styles. You might just surprise yourself and look Fabulous!

The following article was taken from Mafca, September 2013




Have you sometimes thought that you don’t look good in a hat? You can look wonderful, if you follow the simple rule of basing your hat choice on your face shape. It has been said that the ideal face shape is the oval, but not everyone has been blessed with that shape. A triangular face differs from the oval, in that it has a pointed chin. A rectangular shape is an oval that is more squared, while a square face is like a rectangle, but a little wider or not as long.

The Oval Face:

oval-faceRemembering that the design of the oval shaped face is in itself beautiful, the hat should not try to improve upon that. The hat should emphasize the beauty of the face by repeating the symmetrical curves. The crown of the hat fits close to the head and the brim takes the outline of the face.

The hat to the right has symmetrical curves and a little detail at the top of the brim.


Hat for Oval FaceThe hat to the left is described as “a jaunty little turned back hat of apricot colored felt. One
side of the brim crosses over and ends in a tiny bow.”








This hat is not for Oval FaceA hat with rows of angled lines, such as the one shown here is not attractive on an oval face, as it gives the illusion of a long, peaked face.





The Triangular Face:

It is suggested that in order to make a triangular face look as much as possible like an oval shape, choose a hat with an irregular brim that has some width and softening curves. This will call the eye of the viewer away from the pointed chin. Avoid hats with points arching upwards.


A hat for a triangular faceThat hat featured on the left draws the eye out and away from a pointed chin. This hat is similar to the one on the left.



This hat is similar to the one on the left.Hat for a triangular face








Sports hat for triangular faceHere is a sports hat with the advantage of a wide brim, which is softening and becoming to the woman with a triangular shaped face.






Avoid hats with peaks on the crown, as that will emphasize a pointed

The Rectangular Face:

A rectangular face is essentially square at the top and the bottom. You could try a hat with a crown that is also this shape. The brim could be uneven, which results in a breaking of the length of the head very becomingly. Avoid hats that accentuate the height of the face.


Wide brim hat is becoming for rectangular face


This hat is a good choice for a woman with a rectangular face, as is the one on the right.rectangular-face2








The Square Face:


A square face is at its best when it resembles a rectangular face shape. It is wise to avoid a hat that is of a regular, square or bucket shape. Aim for a hat that peaks up pleasantly with a height-giving look. Its curves are softening and reduce the angular look.

The two hats shown here would be a good choice for the woman with a square face.


Nice hat for square face. Another nice hat for square face








A hat with the focus out to the side would not suit a square face, as it would emphasize the relative width of the face.

Not for square face












As we all know, the lady of the Model A era wore a hat on most occasions. Since everyone wants to look their best, it seems reasonable to spend a little time locating the right hat for the outfit that you are putting together. With the advent of the Model A Era Image category, the options are endless, so don’t give up if you don’t find the right hat instantly. Hopefully this will help you find the hat that complements your outfit and your face. If you are not sure of your face shape, check the internet. There are several sites that will assist you in determining your face shape. This article has touched on only four of the many possible shapes.

The photos are from vintage magazines: May 1928 Delineator, November 1928 McCall’s, April 1929 Ladies Home Journal, October 1930 Ladies Home Journal, March 1931 McCall’s, January 1931 The Mentor World Traveller and a photo from the internet.