Era Fashion News

….From Teresa Gissible

Welcome to March. It’s my favorite month! #1. It’s my birthday! #2. It’s St. Patty’s Day (GREEN). *YEA*. #3 Spring is here w/ day light savings time. With that being said. Now, on to Underwear*. Or as we call it “Coordinated Apparel” in your Fashion Guidelines book.

First, lets talk about the guys. Not much has changed there. Gentlemen, NO tidy whites for you (briefs). Snapped or buttoned boxers, union suits w/ short legs, undershirts and long Johns for winter. No T-shirts either.

Ladies, Oh my, how things have changed! We’ve come a long way Baby. Thank goodness. My thoughts are buy yourself a great foundation (bra and panties). Then you’ll look and feel fabulous anytime. Era items are best saved for the judging room. Bandeaus do little but cover. They are the precursor to the bra. The shape starts to change in 1929. By 1930’s you see more hooks in the back and support in the front. Gone is the boning. Brassieres are born.

Moving on to Bloomers, step ins, pongee, union suits and finally Dance sets. They all had longer wider legs (drafty). Dance sets are both pieces were matching. Chemises are one piece also know as teddies. The earlier ones had no waist line w/a loose fit as did the dresses. Later in 1930/31 they became more form fitted to the body as did the dress styles. This also goes for slips or 1/2 slips too.

Now, for your worst night mare! The dreaded Corset or Girdles, YUK. Yes, there was elastic and boned inserts have changed to “won’t rust steel”. Not to mention all those laces, some all the way to the diaphragm. By 1931 you have “Talon” fastener (zippers) w/all elastic for more comfort. Right??